Privacy Policy


PlaidCloud (“Service”) is a hosted web application developed and maintained by Tartan Solutions, Inc. This Privacy Policy explains the collection and use of information and data across the Service.

Tartan Solutions, Inc respects your right to privacy. All information collected by PlaidCloud is used to improve the experience and quality of the Service.

User Information

When you register for PlaidCloud, we collect information, such as your e-mail address and billing information.

User accounts are free and do not require you to enter billing information. Services provided on the site that are not free or are without a free trial period will require entry of billing information for usage.

When you register for a PlaidCloud user account, we collect only the e-mail address and the user profile fields. This information is used solely for identification inside the Service and email communication to and from the Service between you and members of the workflow you are using.


A cookie is a small amount of data stored in your computer’s hard drive which often includes a unique identifier sent to your browser from a web site’s computers.

Cookies are required to use PlaidCloud in order to uniquely identify your browser and user preferences while signed in. We use non-permanent cookies that last for up to two weeks, after which you will be required to sign in to the Service again.

Data Storage

Tartan Solutions, Inc uses third party vendors and hosting partners to provide the necessary hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology required to run PlaidCloud. Although Tartan Solutions, Inc owns the code, databases, and all rights to the PlaidCloud application, you retain all rights to your data.


PlaidCloud secures data in many ways. All data in transit and at rest is encrypted and kept segregated from other customer data. The PlaidCloud infrastructure is housed in state-of-the art data centers with strict access controls that are audited by outside third-parties. PlaidCloud offers various levels to the user authentication processes including Single Sign-on, OpenID, Multi-Factor Authentication, and password only with no clear-text passwords stored at any time. These options provide an appropriate level of security for each customer based on their needs and the needs of their business.

Private Discussion

PlaidCloud features the ability to make a workspace private or public. These settings fall under the responsibility of the PlaidCloud site in which they are published. Tartan Solutions, Inc is not liable for user content on other sites.


Tartan Solutions, Inc may disclose personally identifiable information under special circumstances, such as to comply with subpoenas and when a user’s actions may violate the Terms of Service.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

Tartan Solutions, Inc reserves the right to update this policy at any time without prior notice. Any significant changes to this policy will be sent out to the account owners’ registered email addresses.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us.