Flexible Tools For Any Problem

With PlaidCloud, PlaidXL, and PlaidLink working together, complex business problems are solved in a straightforward manner with a fast setup and minimal startup time.

  • Comprehensive Solutions
  • Point-and-Click Configurations
  • Ease of Use
  • Quick Time to Value

Financial Analytics

Routine processing is just one aspect of financial analysis. Quickly perform ad-hoc "Question of the day" analysis too.

  • Clear audit trail from source data to final result
  • Easy ad-hoc analysis on large data with built-in transforms
  • Work in Microsoft Excel or web browser
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Operations and Supply Chain Analytics

From Sales and Operations Planning to route profitability, data driven analysis is possible using detailed transaction level information.

  • Easily harmonize data from different systems
  • S&OP repeatable processes
  • Route profitability analysis
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Customer and Product Profitability

Calculate detailed customer and product profitability that aids data-driven decision making at all levels.

  • Multi-dimensional profitability analysis (e.g. customer, product, channel, etc...)
  • Various cost and revenue allocation algorithms supported
  • Easily augment system data with manual inputs
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Transfer Pricing Analysis and Compliance

Manage transfer pricing compliance for both services and tangible goods across the world.

  • Clear audit trail and repeatable processes for compliance
  • Include both services and tangible goods
  • Reduce risk of large adjustments
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Bill of Materials Costing and Forecasting

Understand material costs at any level over time while incorporating realized and projected savings.

  • Indented View, Flat View, and Cost Projections of BOMs
  • Incorporate supplier negotiated cost takeouts and engineering changes
  • Scales to millions of components, sub-assemblies, and sellable items
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Data Science & Machine Learning

Flexible workflows, standard transforms, and the ability to write your own makes for a highly adaptable and successful platform to solve problems.

  • Point-and-click simplicity and the ability to customize in advanced ways
  • PDF documentation of workflows generated automatically
  • Advanced modeling operations such as machine learning
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